excuses, excuses

remember my first post when i made no promises of being consistent with this blog??!!
ok, just making sure! things have been crazy busy this summer. so, in typical bev fashion, i'll go weeks with zero posts, then add a couple at a time. here's number 2 of the night. then i'm going to bed and will try to post more this weekend.

so, i've got some excuses as to why i haven't blogged lately. i decided to find a good quote on excuses and found this one (and when i say good, i mean lame!):

"People with integrity do what they say they are going to do. Others have excuses." Laura Schlessinger

i knew i hated that crazy right-wing judgmental dr. laura for a reason!

on to my lack of integrity, also known as a list of excuses (haha!):

1-i took 20 credits summer term ( i just finished last week, taking 3 finals the week before school started) and let me tell you, i am so happy to be done w/ macroeconomics!

2-which leads to the next excuse, i started student teaching on monday (8/25). i'm technically student teaching, but i'm actually teaching 3 classes--i have 4 junior high u.s. history classes, a pre-algebra class, and sociology. it has been so much work trying to prepare for 3 different areas of study! this week i was at school 14 hours monday, 13 on tuesday, 14 on wednesday, and only 10 today! remember, i am not getting paid, as this is student teaching. actually, i'm paying for it, since i'm paying for the credits to student teach!! but i absolutely love the school i'm teaching at! LOVE! it's the walden school of liberal arts in provo. http://web.mac.com/dianamadsen/Walden_Webpage/Home_Page.html yeah, it's too bad it's in provo b/c i wanted to live in SLC, but the school, the director, the teachers, the parents, and the students are all amazing! i am SO happy to be here and feel SO lucky/blessed!! which leads to excuse number...

3-i went to mexico for a week (8/11-8/16) with our junior high students, 2 other teachers, and 5 parents. we worked at an orphanage for a week! it was so great! many pictures to come!

so, those are the main excuses why i haven't been blogging lately. mainly b/c studying and school have taken up most of my time. and there have also been several random crazy dates. boys in utah are weird/crazy/psycho!!!! i never know who's reading this, so those stories will have to be told on a person by person basis!

so, goodnight...more posts and pics later!


rainbow power

let's say you have a friend who is pretty homophobic (rob).

well, this is the magnet you might stick on his passenger car door when he's not looking (during a movie).

sadly, he found it only hours after i placed it on his door. i was hoping it would be days before he found it and that he would get a lot of propositions! haha!