the uhaul experience

what are the chances? i blog about my moving experiences and the next day a friend posts pics of the awful moving experience where the uhaul engine caught on fire! or maybe emily c reads my blog and i didn't even know it! either way, here are 2 pics from "the uhaul experience"! the treacherous adventure involved an ambulance, a firetruck, and a tow truck!!

moving day

after living with dave and deborah for the last year (thank you, thank you, thank you!), i decided it was time to move out! my months of student teaching are finally over and i am now making some money, so it was time to find a place. i found a great friend to move out with...abby...and found a fabulous apartment in orem.
(did i mention that i absolutely hate moving? 2 years ago while moving, the uhaul truck i was driving caught on fire while i was driving on the freeway!! then, 1 year ago when i moved down to utah, we drove through the craziest snow storm i have ever seen! 18 hours of driving through blizzard conditions in a uhaul while towing a car is no bueno! thanks to dad for all of the help--he did most of the driving.)
anyways, i hate moving, but i love our place. luckily, this move went smoothly and culminated in a little housewarming party last night. here are some pics of the new place and the party!

sundance film fest '09

well, i should've written about this much sooner, but you know how i roll! too busy to blog. this year i decided not just to go to sundance films, but to actually volunteer at the festival. so, i sold my soul to sundance from january 16-25. in addition to working around 50 hours/week at work, i volunteered more than 35 hours within that timeframe. needless to say, i was exhausted, but it was totally worth it! i met a few celebrities and ended up seeing 17 films!

here is the list of films:

Prom in Mississippi *
Nollywood Babylon
Barking Water
It Might Get Loud *
Taking Chance *
500 Days of Summer *
Glass House
Good Hair *
We Live in Public
Sin Nombre *
Cold Souls
Push: A Novel by Sapphire *

(i put *'s by the ones i liked best!)

consistently inconsistent

hmmm....ok....where do you start when you haven't blogged in months?!

well, here's a video about being consistently inconsistent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3mnst40_9c&feature=related