and one more quickie...

i just had to add this pic, too!

just another little joke we played on rob! i have to give joanne all the credit on this one!


that stands for world's worst blogger.
i know it. you know it. i'm trying to change it, but obviously that hasn't happened yet.

i wanted to post today b/c this is the cutest video ever. i showed it to my history students b/c we're studying politics and the election...oh yeah, and b/c these kids in the video are pretty much the cutest things EVER!

obama on the left, mccain on the right! you can vote however you like!!

when i do finally catch up w/ this blog, here's what you get to hear about:
1.mexico...yeah, it was way back in august, but i'm the w.w.b., so of course it's not on here yet.
2. my school and classroom...i've got pics--get excited! nothing more exciting than a school. but, my school rocks, so it is kinda cool!
3. dew tour...yes, i'm 32 and went to the dew tour skate competition!
4. my b-day...sweet 16 x 2. (yes, that equals 32!)
5. my fun trip to seattle
6. by the time i finally post, halloween will for sure be over, so i'll post pics from the adventures i encounter on the 31st!