sundance film fest '09

well, i should've written about this much sooner, but you know how i roll! too busy to blog. this year i decided not just to go to sundance films, but to actually volunteer at the festival. so, i sold my soul to sundance from january 16-25. in addition to working around 50 hours/week at work, i volunteered more than 35 hours within that timeframe. needless to say, i was exhausted, but it was totally worth it! i met a few celebrities and ended up seeing 17 films!

here is the list of films:

Prom in Mississippi *
Nollywood Babylon
Barking Water
It Might Get Loud *
Taking Chance *
500 Days of Summer *
Glass House
Good Hair *
We Live in Public
Sin Nombre *
Cold Souls
Push: A Novel by Sapphire *

(i put *'s by the ones i liked best!)

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Mindy Sauther said...

I'm so glad that you signed up for Sundance. It was a great year full of good times and wonderful films. Can't wait until next year!