my super cute nephew!

last post, i promise! i had to make up for all of my time off!

one of the greatest things about living in utah is living close to my brother and sister and their spouses. i have the greatest family ever!

this includes my adorable nephew truman, who is 5 months old! i love this kid SO much!

me and truman on saturday!

donut falls

janae (my old seattle roommate) was in town from seattle this week, so we hung out a couple of times! it was a lot of fun! we went out to eat tuesday, hiked donut falls on thursday night, then hiked ferguson canyon friday morning! i love living in utah because people always come visit friends/family here and i get to see them! darren will be here next week!
so, i looked up some pics of donut falls before we went and it looked super cool. example:

but, when we got there, the water was so high that we couldn't hike all the way to the falls and had to hike up above, therefore my picture (and the falls) looked like this, nothing like the beautiful one above:

donut falls

not the cutest picture of me...not even kind of cute, but i had to include one of me and janae!

uncle leo strikes again!

last weekend cathy was in town visiting from seattle. unfortunately i don't have pictures from any of the times we hung out, but i do have a good story.
on saturday night, ryan, cathy, audrey, rob (aka uncle leo), and i all met up for dinner at red rock brewery in downtown slc. rob was busy on a date or something, so he was running late. we sat around telling audrey about our favorite rob stories, since she had never met him. ryan and rob were roommates years ago in utah and cathy and i became friends with rob in seattle. well, ryan had some good stories to share, including one where rob died his hair (back before he buzzed his head) a blue/black shade back and it turned out more blue than black! there were a few other classic rob stories told before rob showed up.
we ate dinner, then decided we needed to go back to ryan's place to see some pics and videos of rob with blue hair! so, i rode with ryan since we're neighbors right now (i'm housesitting in sugarhouse), cathy and audrey rode together and told rob they'd follow him.
ryan and i got back to his house and a bit later cathy called asking for directions because rob was a punk and ditched them. they had been following him and then he started speeding and turning and swerving to lose them. so, a few minutes later rob walks in the door with a kind of worried look on his face. he said, "does audrey drive a white jeep?" me: "i don't know, why?" rob: "well, there was this white jeep following me down all the streets. i got a little bit worried, so i started turning. they kept following me, so i just raced off and lost the jeep." me (rolling on the floor laughing): "rob! i'm sure it was them, they said they were going to follow you here." rob: "oh, i didn't know that. i just got freaked out."
classic rob!
and then, in walk audrey and cathy. upon hearing the story, cathy said, "rob, you just one-upped yourself."

and since every story needs a visual, here is the caricature that rob got drawn of himself the next day at the gateway. (ok, maybe ryan and i convinced him to get it, but he still forked over $12 for it!)


delicate arch.

us under delicate arch.

some of the girls.

it was a little windy and our tent blew over!

liz. me. liz. chelsea.

"He felt the urge to go out into the desert to see if its silence held the answers to his questions."
from The Alchemist

"era ora"

that means "it's about time" in italian!
it's been awhile since i posted, but that's no surprise since i knew i would not be a frequent blogger. i mean, i am unemployed at the time, but that doesn't mean i have time to blog! haha! i'm too busy going to hot yoga and laying out to blog! haha! oh, yeah, and i'm taking 4 classes (20 credits), so i'm a little busy with that, too! and then i'll be student teaching in the fall and i just found out that i'll actually be teaching (not just observing) and need to come up with curriculum for U.S. History, Pre-Algebra (i know, what are they thinking?!), and Sociology! it's going to be a crazy, busy school year, but i'm way excited!
so, i think i'll just add a couple of photo posts to explain what i've been up to the last little while.
and don't worry, there's an "uncle leo" story on it's way!

"in the hot, hot rays. in the hot, hot rays. in the hot rays i get old." -fleet foxes


uncle leo

(first pic= betsey johnson--you'll read why later! second pic=whistler trip, rob is in the front.)

for those of you who know rob leonard noble (aka uncle leo), you know that he is full of great quotes such as, "Paris is the most romantic country ever!".

so, it comes as little surprise that i would get three priceless gems out of him at lunch yesterday...

1. "girls always have 'alternative' motives!"

2. me: "rob, how's your dating life?"
rob: "it's kinda like a round robin tournament."

3. rob: "your hair looks like betsey johnson's."
me: "how do you know what betsey johnson's hair looks like?"
rob: "i've seen a picture of her before. she's ugly."
me: "thank you very much, rob!"

(p.s. i do have bangs, like betsey johnson, and we're both blonde, but i don't see any other similarities! i like to say i have heidi klum hair!)


i'm a proud auntie!

just in case you didn't believe me when i said i have the cutest nephew ever, i have pictures to prove it! (thanks em/joel for the pic!)


birth of a blog

"into the caverns of tomorrow, with just our flashlights and our love, we must plunge, we must plunge, we must plunge" -bright eyes

so, it's true...i joined the blogging world--finally! it's june 1...that's a good day for the birth of a blog, right? i guess it's a gemini!

after spending time with several friends this week, all of them bloggers, i decided to switch over to the darkside and join the crazy world of blogs. i don't feel like i'm funny enough or witty enough to have a blog, but i've seen some dull blogs out there, so i guess i'll take a shot at it. i do have an exciting and eventful life, so if nothing else, i'll start taking pics of my random adventures!

i suck at writing in a journal, so i don't know if i'll have much more success at a blog. but, i'll set my blogging goals low, so i can be sure to succeed! that means, expect little from me and i'll be sure to deliver!

as many people know, i recently moved to utah from beautiful seattle--yep, i'm back in zion! haha! and i'm actually quite happy about the move. my brother and his wife live in provo. my sister, her husband, and their cute little baby boy live in north salt lake. (yes, i'm a proud auntie of the cutest nephew ever!) so, it's nice to be close to family. although i miss the beautiful city of seattle and all of my absolutely amazing friends there; i do love the sun, mountains, snow, family, and friends that i have here in utah.

i had a really great past week! i spent memorial day weekend in seattle visiting my awesome friends and going to sasquatch music festival--stephanie and i saw the cure, death cab, tegan and sara, michael franti, presidents, and some other random bands! robert smith is soooo old, yet his voice is still the same sexy voice of the 80's! when i got back to utah, i was lucky enough to see another old band--the breeders! my friend renee was in town from canada and hooked me up with a ticket (thanks, renee and sam!). we rocked out in the front row. kim and kelly deal both look like moms--especially with their mom jeans, but they can still jam! what an amazing show! it was fun to have renee in town--we also got to visit bess and jenny! i have the greatest friends ever. this weekend made me so grateful for the friends who bless my life, which segues into the fact that i also got to see the Sex and the City movie this weekend with some good friends! great movie, even better friends!

"no matter who broke your heart or how long it takes to heal, you’ll never get through it without your friends."--carrie bradshaw